3 Tips on How to Elevate Any Meal

In college, I was always that person that everyone came to for the home cooked meal away from home. I love to cook and I enjoy the happiness I see that it brings to so many people when it tastes…

January 2020
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Pine Needle Cough Syrup

I love self sustainability and as many of you know, we broke up with big pharma and merck in this family. We no longer take drugs (sorcery according to Revelations) of any kind (yes, that includes vaccines) and we’re strictly…

How to Restore Old Cast Iron

Yesterday, I posted in a couple of my homestead groups about restoring my grandma’s cast iron pans. After a lot of suggestions on how to restore them and my own prior knowledge, I set out on a mission to get…

Homemade Turkey Meatballs

Hey y’all! Welcome back to another episode of Reatta doesn’t give me measurements but expects me to do this right 🙂 On today’s episode, we will be cooking my “around the way famous” homemade turkey meatballs! I’m scared to even…

Chicken & Rice Recipe

Okay, so I made this recipe section to share recipes with you all of food that I make, welllllllll, when I’m cooking most of the time I season something or add ingredients until it smells right to me. That being…