But really, new year, better me.

New year, better me.

I know many of us set new year resolutions that will probably be dropped within the first month or two of the new year but I want to encourage you (and myself) to change that! As this year is quickly coming to a close and we’re entering in to a new decade I know many of us feel that drive that we always feel at the end of the year after being sick of people, work, family, and ourselves to make some changes in our lives and there’s no time like the present to put our best foot forward and speak those things we wish to see manifested in our lives. I’m challenging everyone to use today, the last day of 2019, to write down what will be your daily declarations for this new year. After the new year comes in, I challenge you all to affirm these declarations every morning when you wake up. Throughout the year I want you to observe your life and how these very declarations begin to manifest in your life and if you need to add any to the list do that and begin to affirm those additions as well. The bible makes clear that the power of life and death is in the tongue and we can either put our desires to death or we can speak life in to them and watch them manifest before our eyes. Below I’m listing some examples of my daily declarations! Feel free to copy them, share them, tweak them, etc.. If you need help formulating your own, feel free to reach out and tell me your goal/desire and I’ll be more than happy to help you put it in words! Also, feel free to share your lists here; someone else may get some inspiration from your declarations as well and make them their own.

My new year decrees/declarations:

  1. I will walk in divine health in all aspects of my life (mental, physical, and spiritual) so that I can be the best version of myself for God and my family.
  2. I will create wealth through the businesses that God has placed in my spirit and I will be a good steward of the money that is earned from them.
  3. We will purchase a home and use it to the complete glorification of the Lord. There will be no blatant sin that occurs in our home as it will be dedicated to God and everything that goes on in it will be for His glory.
  4. I will set aside time to spend with God so I know His voice, as His word says, my sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not answer.
  5. We will raise our daughter to love God and keep His commandments, as His word says to train up a child in the way that they should go and when they get older they will not depart from it.
  6. I declare freedom on all fronts form the enemy whether it be financially, physically, mentally, etc.. The enemy has already been defeated.
  7. I will study the word more to show myself approved and be able to defend and share that in which I have my hope.
  8. I will go where God tells me to go and do what He’s asked without complaining because I’ve made my life about serving Him and cannot/will not try to dictate to Him what that entails.

If you’re sharing your declarations on other social media outlets be sure to hashtag #newyearbetterme so I can see them and interact with you all/everyone interact with each other. Also, check out my Instagram to see more frequent updates!

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