To Scale Existing Businesses

Prosperity “Growth” Coaching is for current business owners who are seeking God for His “next level” for their businesses.  Starting with your current business plan and a successful 6-figure income earning business, you can complete this 4-month program with a “Growth Plan” to scale your business and an exit strategy.  There is a success ceiling that many business owners hit when it’s time to grow from a 6-figure business to a million dollar or multi-million dollar enterprise.  You’ve got to change your mindset, create sustainable systems, duplicate your systems, and create your exit strategy.  We can help you break the 6-figure ceiling by creating a sustainable, duplicable enterprise earning 7 figures or more within 3 years of creating your “Growth Plan,” which will include your long-term exit strategy to sustain your business and insure that you have the retirement you deserve.

Program Includes:

  • A Group Coaching Session each month
  • Progressive Coaching Program
  • Video Coaching
  • Email Support
  • PROMISE:  When you complete this program, you’ll have a complete “Growth Plan” to scale your business that you can share with all of the leaders in your company as well as potential investors, and this plan will keep you on track to a 7-figure or more annual business income within 3 years.  You’ll also have an exit strategy that you can share with key stakeholders for future planning.

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