Optimizing Businesses to Leave a Godly Legacy

Prosperity “Legacy” Coaching is for experienced business owners who are ready to make a significant difference in the world through their specialized niche.  This 3-month program includes a detailed “Kingdom Evaluation” of all major business systems from a Biblical perspective and creation of sustainable service projects.  As a child of God, you want to know that your business will do good in the earth long after you’ve retired.  Once your business has reached a certain level of success, giving back is a necessity, but your company must be able to sustain its own growth as well as long-term service projects or a non-profit foundation.

Program Includes:

  • Individual Coaching as needed
  • Business Consultation
  • Email Support
  • Referrals for additional resources
  • Detailed “Kingdom Evaluation” of all major business systems from a Biblical perspective
  • Creation of sustainable service project(s) or a non-profit foundation
  • PROMISE:  After having received coaching and consultation through Prosperity “Legacy” Coaching, you will know for certain that your business will continue to grow in success and contribute positively to the community for years to come.  This peace of mind will allow you to implement your exit strategy with full confidence about the future of your business, knowing that you’ve pleased God through your service.

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