For Startup Businesses

Prosperity “Startup” Coaching is designed for entrepreneurs who have a business idea and need help building a strong, Biblical foundation for their new enterprise.  Don’t try to go it alone.  Rather than closing your business within the first 5 years, we want to help you earn 6 figures through your business in the first 5 years.  This is a 6-month program for those on the fast track, but it continues at your pace, until you have completed your “Living Business Plan” to earn 6-figures within the first 5 years and live the life you want to live.  Prosperity “Startup” Coaching incorporates your life vision and your business goals to produce a “Living Business Plan” that grows with your business, supports the life you want to live and guides you to earning 6 figures within the first 5 years in ANY industry.

Program Includes:

  • A Group Coaching Session each month
  • Progressive Coaching Program
  • Email Support 
  • PROMISE:  When you complete this program, you’ll have a “Living Business Plan,” which is a professional business plan that you can present to potential investors, and it is designed to support the life you want to live.  This business plan will also grow with your company and keep you on track to a 6-figure annual business income within your first 5 years of business.

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