Activate the Power to Create Wealth Within You

The Wealth Creation Activation is a download from God to activate the power to create wealth that He placed within His people.  God wants to bless His children, but we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds and positioned to be good stewards of His Kingdom resources.

This is a 30-day video coaching series designed to position you for God to activate the power to create wealth that He has placed within you.  

The Wealth Creation Activation, includes:

  • 5 days of freedom from Mammon,
  • “The Power to Create Wealth” Workshop,
  • “Wealth Destroyers” Workshop, and
  • 21 life-changing days of activation with a Daniel fast.

Allow God to Activate Your Power to Create Wealth

Receive freedom from Mammon

The Wealth Creation Activation starts with 5 days of video coaching on freedom from Mammon, which robs us of blessings in our lives through greed or fear of lack.

Absorb 2 Kingdom Wealth Workshops

 “The Power to Create Wealth” and “Wealth Destroyers” are powerful Kingdom Wealth Workshops that lay a solid foundation for the 21-Day Activation.

Be transformed during a Daniel Fast

 The 21-day Activation is accompanied by a Daniel fast to break old habits, create new strengths, increase understanding and release breakthrough.

Learn from Biblical Models

  God financially blessed Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Ruth, David, Esther and others in the Bible to fulfill their purposes.  Learn from these amazing men and women.

Meditate on Biblical Wisdom

The Bible is full of wisdom on finances and wealth.  The Wealth Creation Activation reveals Biblical gems and helps you apply them to your life and finances. 

Receive activation in Prayer & Worship

 Each day of the 21-day Activation includes guidance for personal prayer and worship to position you for God’s Wealth Creation Activation.

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